Raise hands: Gymnastics for seniors easily

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On Wednesday mornings there are gymnastics classes, one for women followed by men in the ‘Chrysanthemum’ community center with instructor Liat Nevat. This is unique training for 60+ people twice a week that none of the participants is ready to miss.The Chrysanthemum community center has 60+ training sessions in two separate groups of men and women so that most women feel comfortable doing exercises. The trainers come twice a week and at the same time as the gym, there is also a yoga group for women with instructor Leah Check. Over 200 women train during the week and a relatively small group of men up to ten (hoping to grow and expand) with coach Liat Nabat.

Sprout guides the gymnastics for men and women retirees, incorporates exercises from the body design world, builds bone and Pilates and does an integrated lesson with various accessories, slowly inserting weights, mattresses, small and large balls (pitbulls) for posture and strengthening of muscles and body, elastic bands and rims. According to the germ of the trainers and the trainer are persistent, improving and suffering less from back pain or limb pain.

Five-year coaching germ: started in gym in Ashdod but decided to consult with pensioners at community centers in the city,Amazed and excited to see how they are strengthening and flexing their muscles improve with their body strengthening and posture exercises and their overall quality of life increases, their personal feeling improves and they become healthier people. It is suitable for all trainees to exercise according to their ability and disabilities if there are, for example, those who are unable to perform a particular exercise on a standing mat or chair. Moves between them and gives emphasis. She works with them on strengthening the back, arms, legs, abdomen and women and also emphasizes the pelvic floor area.Moshe Elherer, director of the Chrysanthemum Community Center (District H) joins the men’s training. He himself enters the path of a healthy lifestyle, conducting weekly walks of about an hour daily and encouraging the adults in the group with lessons. According to Ruhama Avaxis (76), a women’s group trainer, “The department is excellent I have been coming for a second year and I have been an excellent instructor. A week of aerobic dance and dancing will also be added. “Recommended activities should include physical fitness exercises, stretching exercises, bone strengthening and relaxation exercises. Also, performing lower limb and balance exercises help improve the necessary responses to prevent falls and instability. Hezi Hai (75), who lives in District J and has been active since opening in November, “is suitable for our age.For adults, exercise can help manage stress and improve functioning in everyday life, no matter what exercise they choose to do, the body feels it. Bottom line – it’s never too late to get in shape.

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