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Things to Know Before Adopting a Cat

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Before you bring a sweet and furry cat home, it is important to know and know these basic things that will help you grow your cat in a healthy and happy way.

There are lots of places where cats can be adopted

The most common places are animal grief and various Facebook groups for cats. There you will find puppies less than two weeks old, adult cats and older cats. All that remains is to choose which cat you connected to and contact us to complete the adoption.

How long do cats live?

Cats live on average between 16-12 years, but there are cats that also live over 20 years. These days, thanks to veterinary care and medical nutrition, cats enjoy a high life expectancy, but in order to allow them a high quality of life, care should be taken to drink plenty of water, exercise, and eat high quality, nutritious foods.

Do not remove their nails

The surgery involves removing the cat’s fingertips where the nails are growing and is a painful procedure. There are better ways to master the cat’s need to scratch things like scratching equipment, catnip, toys and more. The nails should be chopped on a regular basis with the aid of a clipper so that they do not over-extend.

Abandoned street cats and cats are very common and therefore it is recommended to neuter or sterilize cats

Cats can breed up to 3 times a year! Cats are on average more alive and suffer less medical problems (except for urinary obstruction).

Unmarried females can suffer from increased tenderness, cancer in the gut, and uterine infections.

If you are thinking about the surgery, we have written a comprehensive article for you.

A short list of equipment to get before bringing your cat home

Utensils and beverages, dry cat food, wet cat food, brush-brush, collar, cat toilet, cat sand, cat carrying cage, cat bed.

All of these to purchase before the cat comes to your house so everything is ready for its acclimatization.

Cats need to scratch things in order to have healthy nails

By scratching, the cat removes dead layers of the nails and reveals the healthier tissues of the nail.

It is recommended to bring a cat a scraper facility over 90 cm high

The facility should be stable and have many and varied stages that will provide interest for the cat, in order to get the cat started and used, it is useful to disperse the catnip cat climbing facility.

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