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Dog diseases and how to treat them 2020

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Dog diseases and how to treat them
Dogs are animals that some raise in homes and farms, and they live outside the home in a place designated for them. This may cause some health problems, and some diseases such as abdominal disorders such as constipation and diarrhea, so the dog is taken to the veterinarian to diagnose the condition. There are some treatments and tips that are prescribed for dogs when they get sick. We’ll look at them in this article. Volume 0% Dog diseases and their treatment Constipation When dogs become constipated, they behave abnormally, barking prematurely, and dogs’ constipation is treated by changing their diet, by adding a little bran into their food; bran has a clear effect in treating constipation. Diarrhea is the most prominent symptom of dog diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, as well as high temperature, lethargy, colic, dehydration, and bleeding with diarrhea. Viruses that infect the stomach, parasites, and wrong feeding are among the most important causes of diarrhea, and after a good examination the dog puts the vet. Diet for the dog to help his body to overcome diarrhea, and prescribe medications that calm the intestine. The dog will improve in two or four days. Lyme disease Lyme disease is a disease that affects the joints of dogs, and the responsible for this disease are borilli bacteria, which is transmitted through the bites of tick insects. Among the most prominent symptoms of Lyme disease: the slow movement of the dog because of the pain that he suffers in the joints, and the dog stops eating, His body temperature rises. When these symptoms appear, the vet performs a complete and comprehensive examination of the dog until the condition is diagnosed, and treatment for Lyme disease is by using antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria, as well as using some anti-tick collars, spraying the dog’s body to spurry, and applying creams to get rid of tick bites. A tapeworm causes a dog to become infected with a tapeworm that is taken from the dog’s bowel as its headquarters, by swallowing the dog to fleas that bite the dog’s skin. Fleas usually swallow larvae of the tapeworm. And then it multiplies, and here the dog feels itchy and irritation in the skin, due to the presence of some worms in the anus, and the dog may lose weight due to the tapworm intruding on the dog’s food. Ways to eliminate this worm are injecting the dog with appropriate treatment to kill it, and no other symptoms of injection appear, and it is advised to clean the carpet that the dog sometimes sleeps on; contaminated carpet is an essential source of many diseases. Rabies is a serious disease, and it is transmitted to humans through the bite of a rabid dog. It is a viral disease, and its most prominent symptoms are excessive dog barking, salivation coming out of its mouth, biting everyone who finds it on its way, and rabies is a serious disease that affects the brain of the dog, and usually dies. The dog 11 days after it is infected, and for a person who is bitten by the dog, it is treated by injecting it with the vaccine of rabies

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