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Diseases transmitted from cats to humans

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Diseases transmitted from cats to humans
A large number of people love to breed cats and consider them an essential part of their lives.
We take care of them, raise them, and take care of them, but there are many diseases that cats cause for their breeders. These diseases are transmitted to us through touch and close proximity to cats. Some of these diseases are easy to treat, including very serious diseases. Therefore it requires more caution and care in dealing with cats in order to avoid infection with any of the chronic health diseases carried by cats. Through this article, we will show you the most important health diseases that are transmitted from cats to the human body, how to prevent them and how they are transmitted to us.

1- Ringworm
Impetigo is one of the most common fungal diseases that a cat causes in humans, and it is transmitted to it very quickly by touching the cat’s hair and its fur.

Impetigo, or the so-called (pumpkin) disease, is one of the most prominent skin diseases. Impetigo is a fungal virus that is carried by more than 40% of cats and infects the human body. Impetigo appears on human skin, which is red rings and blisters that appear on the skin and cause severe itching and inflammation.

But how do you know that your cat carries a disease of lots or herpes? When you find your cat her hair is falling copiously. This is due to the inflammation of the cat’s skin. If the disease is transmitted to you, you can treat this redness by applying the skin with some creams or anti-inflammatory ointments that affect the skin, consult your doctor and continue this treatment until recovery.

2- Helicobacter pylori bacteria
Helicobacter pylori is one of the most important harmful microbes and bacteria that cats carry. This spiral bacterium is very harmful to humans and it is transmitted from cats to it through contamination of food with cat litter .. If a person is infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria, severe stomach ulcers and duodenitis occur to him.

So be careful not to enter cats in your kitchen, or you can completely remove them from food preparation areas. It should also not be placed on kitchen or dining tables. You can also wash your hands thoroughly after touching cats and before preparing or eating food, in order to avoid the transmission of the germ to you. Some intestinal infections, such as vomiting and diarrhea, are also transmitted from cats to humans, because a number of cats carry with them the microbes of Salmonella and Campylobacter.
3- Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis is one of the most common diseases that are transmitted from cats to humans. This disease affects many cats and is transmitted to humans after coming into contact with an infected cat. Some symptoms appear on a person, including redness and inflammation of the eye, along with some discharge that comes from the eye in the form of pus.
Conjunctivitis is treated by placing some drops and ointments inside the eye after consulting a doctor. This disease is easy to treat and does not include any danger to humans, but it must also be prevented. This is done by keeping cats away from your bedding areas, or your children and their sleeping places, especially during illness.
4- Enlarged lymph nodes
Enlarged lymph nodes are a disease that cats cause in humans. Despite the fact that cats do not suffer from this inflation, it infects humans due to the bacteria (Bartonella) carried by cats infected with paragite. These bacteria are transmitted to humans, causing enlarged lymph nodes by scratching the cat into human skin. The patient begins to feel very hot with a feeling of swollen and swollen lymph nodes.
 Human cats also cause sore throat and tonsillitis due to some cats having a streptococcal infection. This microbe causes some infections and is treated with antibiotic infections.
5- Cat bite
A cat bite is a common disease that people who are kittens to keep in their homes experience. If a kitten is infected with some of the cat, it should not be neglected and begin to search for ways to treat this problem. Most cats carry a microbe that causes a type of fever, and this microbe is called (Pasteurella). Therefore, a person feels a high temperature after hitting some of the cat. Cat teeth also carry harmful staph bacteria. Also, the tetanus virus, which is present in many cats, and this disease is transmitted to humans through the cat bite. This is in addition to the rabies disease, which is transmitted from cats to humans through the bite, and this disease is very dangerous in all cases and difficult to treat. Therefore, if you are exposed to a bite from your own cat, you should immediately consult a doctor and take the appropriate vaccine and vaccine for such cases.

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